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Digital prints on paper, 2023

The “Water Heroes” series celebrates the creative and adaptive strategies used by Sonoran Desert creatures to survive and thrive in a land of little rain and was commissioned by the US Water Alliance for the One Water Summit, held in Tucson, Nov. 14-16, 2023. I borrowed styles and design elements from traditions in paper cutting, one of my favorite forms, but created the portraits digitally, hand-drawn on an iPad. This is by no means an exhaustive collection—there are many more desert creatures and plants with adaptations to celebrate, and I hope to create more soon! The sample here offers a starting place for wonder and admiration. May we humans find inspiration from these strategies and continue to seek our own ways to thrive within arid and not-so-arid lands while respecting and caring for water.

Archival inkjet prints available for purchase.
18×24″ @$130
8×10″ @$25
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18×24″ @ $130 each
8×10″ @ $25 each

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