A Field Guide to Becoming-Animal this February

A workshop in movement, improvisation, perception, precarity & resilience

Fridays, Feb. 21 & 28, 2020  6-9pm
Saturday, Feb. 29, 1-4 pm

While Western thought and science has long worked to separate us from plants and animals, alternative ways of knowing and feeling reveal our inherent and ongoing connection. Science now reveals the sensory perceptions of plants and the emotional capacities of animals, as environmental precarity challenges humans and ecosystems alike. In this workshop, we’ll explore what it might mean to “become-animal” (and plant!) using movement, observation, perception, and more. What might moving like a cat, thinking like a bat, or standing like a saguaro teach us about precarity and resilience? About ourselves and each other? Drawing from improvisational and other body-based forms and from science and philosophy (Deleuze & Guattari, Haraway, Tsing), we’ll experiment and create together in order to deepen our awareness of both the species with whom we share the planet and ourselves.

WHO IS THIS FOR? Us, you, creatures, plants, this community. While the workshop is grounded in movement-based practices, you need not be a dancer to sign up. You might be a music-maker or a visual artist or a gardener or a hiker or a policy wonk. You should probably be curious about embodiment and be open to exploring new sensibilities, perceptions, exchanges, and the idea of interspecies kinship.

FEE: $75 | Early bird discount $60 if you register by Jan. 30, 2020. Need a break? Talk to us.

LOCATION: Fridays at Rhythm Industry, 1020 S. Tyndall Ave.
Saturday: Outdoor location TBA

TO REGISTER: Contact Greg Colburn gregory.colburn@gmail.com or 520-665-8872

Questions? Ask!

(photo by Julius Schlosburg)