a forest is the moon in slivers

a forest is the moon in slivers
text + movement + sound + shadow + cocoa
SUNDAY, DEC. 30, 2018  |  2-3 pm
Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre
738 North 5th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona
FREE (bring your own mug) Donations appreciated

Join me for an informal showing of a work-in-progress / improvisational inquiry. A sapling. With the inimitable soundscapestress, Vicki Brown

What does the forest know? How does a forest work? What does a forest say? I’ve been thinking and reading/writing/moving about trees and forests and the sky islands and seeds and wildfire and time-scale and ants and fungus and light and climate. Forests improvise. So do we.

Please come and sit and watch and listen and reflect. Hot cocoa will be served. And there will be time for conversation and feedback.

Made possible, in part, to the Arts Foundation of Tucson and Southern Arizona and Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre. With special thanks to Michelle Milne.