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The Lightest Object in the Universe. Forthcoming, Algonquin Books.

SYNOPSIS: The Lightest Object in the Universe follows high school principal Carson Waller and fair trade activist Beatrix Banks after their burgeoning, long-distance love affair has been ruptured by an unprecedented global economic collapse and systems failure. Amidst escalating violence, Carson heads west on foot toward Beatrix along a cross-country railroad line to chronicle the event’s historical significance. On the other side of the country, Beatrix finds her radical cause mostly irrelevant. She turns to her neighbors for food, water, and solace, and writes unmailable letters to Carson in a desperate attempt to maintain connection with him. Between the two lies 3,000 miles and The Center, a site at the country’s geographic middle from which an evangelical preacher named Jonathan Blue broadcasts promises of material comfort and “ascension” to all who make the pilgrimage. Unable to shake Beatrix from his mind, Carson taps the kindness of strangers and uncovers his own resilience, as Beatrix and her neighbors work to ensure their own survival and offer an alternative to Preacher Blue’s irresistible, unfulfillable promises.

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